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Tips to prevent Eye Injury

Tips to prevent Eye Injury

The human eye is one of the most sophisticated organs having many intricate and delicate parts to it; that are designed to work together to create sight. Numerous disorders can affect the organ; Eye injuries are one of the most leading causes of death. Let’s have a look at some of the things you can do in case of prevention of eye injury.


Though the home is where our heart is, home is also one of the dangerous places when it comes to eyes. Most people believe that eye injuries happen at the workplace but the truth is more than half of it happens at home. Research says that more than 2.5 million injuries that occur in the eye happen within or around the home. Many people believe eye injuries happen occur mainly on the workplace. Some particles such as wood splinters, wood dust, etc.can also cause risk your eye getting into your eye. 

They can happen anytime, including gardening, yard work, repair work, cooking, cleaning, projects, etc.

Safety Gear

Though eyeglasses seem like a safety barrier between you and the particular work you are doing with, they don’t actually help. It is important to use some sort of safety gear to protect your eyes.


You need to be extra careful if you are dealing with any kind of chemicals. By chemicals, we just don’t mean the ones kept in chemistry labs in high school; but also the ones sitting under your sink or in your bathroom disguised of cleaners. Eye protection is required here as well as these types of cleaners including bleach etc. can burn your eyes if they get splashed. It’s advisable to read all the instructions, labels and follow them accordingly before their usage.

Talking about natural cleaners, while there are many better reasons to opt for them, all-natural cleaners can also have a reaction or bad effects when they get into your eyes as well. Even a staple, all-natural cleaner like Vinegar has the ability to burn your eyes. 


While gardening is fun, it has several dangers to it that it can pose when we go out to tame it. Don’t forget to have a check on your yard for rocks, low-hanging branches, etc., as all these can easily attack your face, especially the eyes. If you are planning to move or trim your garden, make sure you are wearing protective eyewear as small rocks can easily get hit and harm your eyes due to high-speed projectiles that you definitely don’t want to catch in your eye.

 Every year, October is considered as “Eye Injury Prevention Month” in an effort to increase the awareness of the risks and factors of eye injury, provide education as well as tips to prevent it.

One of the best eye hospital in Chennai, An-Noor hospital offers these eye-safety tips:

  • Always wear eye protection or safety glasses that have side protection while doing work that includes sharp objects, flying particles, fertilizers, and pesticides.
  • Avoid mixing of cleaning agents. Even if you do, try to use these products in an open spaced, well- ventilated area. 
  • Always read and follow the warning labels and manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Ensure your tools are in good condition. Damaged or rusted tools should either be repaired or replaced as they can cause harm.
  • Avoid touching your eyes or face without washing your hands, eyes, mouth or face after any work to prevent infections.
  • In case of emergency, seek immediate care any type of eye injury at the best eye care hospital in Chennai.




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