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Patient Responsibility

Patient Rights

As a patient, you are entitled to the following:

Respectful Care:

  • Receive necessary care in all areas in the hospital regardless of age, caste, disability, gender, origin, race, type of payment ,religion and language,
  • Privacy during care, examinations, treatments and conversations with the physician and other health care providers
  • Protection from mental and physical abuse or harassment
  • Refuse Treatment
  • Has health care information provided in a manner and form that the patient can understand

Involvement in Care Decisions:

  • You can make informed decisions about the care yourself or through an attendant
  • Access to medical record & confidentiality
  • All medical records will be treated as confidential by the staff. Exceptions are as required by law, transfer of care or third party administrator/insurance contract
  • You must give written permission for any procedure, test or treatment. Before you can do this, your physician must explain to you, in language you understand the following:
  • The advantages and risks of the procedure.
  • Any possible side-effects.
  • The consequences of not receiving treatment.
  • How long recovery can be expected to take.
  • Right to Consult with other Specialist(s) at your own Expense
  • Right to Explanation of the need for transfer elsewhere for Continuity of Care
  • Right to be informed of Hospital Rules & Regulations


Patient Responsibilities

As a patient, you have the following responsibilities:

Answer questions correctly:

  • Provide accurate health related information
  • Actively participate in decisions regarding your health care.
  • Ask promptly for clarification if you do not understand what is asked of you, or why it is asked.

Let us know

  • Be honest and tell us about everything that happens to you as a patient.
  • Let your Doctor or Nurse know if you are concerned about treatment, or if you feel you cannot or will not allow for a certain treatment plan.
  • Notify a doctor or nurse at once if you notice or think you notice a change in your health.
  • Notify your doctor or nurse at once if you have any concern about your hospital care.
  • Smoking, Noise and the number of visitors


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