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Patient Testimonials


Assalamu alaikum wrwb,

Alhamdullilahi rabil Al ameen.

I was very fortunate enough to get trained under Dr.Khaleel sir. I got trained for a period of six months following which I worked for one year there. During the time period at Annoor not only I was trained for phaco only, but also how to manage it’s associated complications and also I got exposed to other surgeries too like PKP, retinal surgeries, Oculopasty surgeries and also few squint corrections too. Annoor as a hospital for training is very great institution because it has got all the latest standards technology instruments and also going to get accreditation by NABH soon, In Shaa Allah.

Khaleel sir as a teacher was very kind to me and was very patient enough to teach me every steps of many surgical procedures sparing his times.

He is very knowledgeable academically and also one among the good surgeons I have known. You can approach him for any silly doubts you have and he makes sure that we understood it.

So in my opinion if you want special attention and get trained I assure you that Annoor is the best place to get yourself trained.

In shaa Allah.

Dr.Muhammad Haroon MS Ophthal


It was a great pleasure for me to be honoured to visit your beautiful hospital & to know its sections. What surprised me was the high level of CATARACT – OPERATIONS which you do & the use of the latest world class devices with a high level of Professionalism that almost the same level we use in GERMANY. Moreover it is my greatest pleasure to meet with your honourable person Dr. KHALEEL AHMED high morals, great dedication & great respect for your Patients.

I wish you & your team all the best.

Ophthalmologist. GERMANY

I am very glad to see such a nice set up. I am preparing for FRCS Ed part B tomorrow and cane to Respected Dr.KHALEEL AHMED regarding exam preparation. I found him very kind and knowledgeable person. I feel that it was a great help for my exam preparation. Thanks to Respected Dr.KHALEEL AHMED for his teaching and nice hospital.

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Mobil ph no: 0092-300-6557808

Dr. Yasir Hijaz
Eye Specialist

Dear sir,

I thank you for the opportunity to be trained under you for “PHACO EMULSIFICATION CATARACT SURGRIES” between 21st JULY 2016 and 04 th AUGUST 2016. I have acquired lot of skill and confidence by your personalized training of expertise. I would recommend the same to my colleagues in the UNITED KINGDOM.


I worked one year as a consultant as well got phaco trained . During my fellowship i got spectacular training by Dr. Khaleel Ahmed. Excellent Institute for long and short term fellowship.

Dr. Haleema MS Ophthal KERALA

Best Place for NRI doctors for phaco fellowship training.

Dr. Anees Ur Rahman Ophthal Newzland

Very good phaco training center. I learned so many useful methods. I am very satisfied and the hospital personnel is very friendly.

Dr. Sharaf Egypt

It was very good phaco training and I will suggest the training program.


It was very nice. Teaching is very well. Each step is taught in a friendly manner

Dr. Shaeen Syed Bangalore


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