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An-Noor Eye Hospital focuses on providing world-class eye treatment and wants to educate its patient. On this page, patients can get an abundance of information, knowledge, and awareness of all kind of eye queries.

Best eye doctors in Chennai
An-Noor Eye Hospital

10 reasons why you should choose An-Noor Eye Hospital

An-Noor Eye Hospital is a NABH accredited specialty eye hospital to make eye care available, accessible and affordable to all the strata of society...

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Covid 2.0

How Covid 2.0 impact your eyes and how to prevent it

The deadly virus, which hit the globe in 2020, is the primary cause of despair among all generations in the present day. Not only have people lost their kith and kin, but they also have faced a lot of medical and health hazards...

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8 common Problems in Cataract, And How You Can Fix It

An-Noor hospital has conducted over 12000 cataract surgeries for over a decade and have been considered one of the best cataract surgery hospitals in Chennai....

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Best Lasik center in chennai

Best lasik surgery in chennai | Annooreyehospital is the leading Hospital

LASIK is a refractive surgery procedure. A laser is used to address vision difficulties caused by refractive defects in this type of surgery. A refractive mistake occurs when the lens of your eye does not properly refract ...

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Contact lens in Chennai

These 9 Myths About Contact Lens Keeps You From better vision

Contact lenses have been one of the major inventions in the ophthalmic scenario in the recent times. They are small lenses which fit into the iris of the...

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Dry Eye
Eye Diseases

What is dry eye disease & How to treat it? Here the quick solution!

In layman's language, Dry Eye Disease (DED) is when there aren't enough tears to make the eyes stay wet or when the tears do not help to lubricate the eyes. Tears are very important for the eyes to keep them moist ...

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